We have a food system that is really reaching a crisis point, whether we look at symptoms of this broken system that are chemical runoff in our waterways, spiraling rates of obesity, the number of food deserts where people cannot access healthy fresh food, or concentration that puts 80% of all of our meat packing into the hands of four companies. FAIR FOOD: Growing a Healthy Sustainable Food System for All, is not a book primarily about the problems of our broken food system, it is a book about solutions.”

"Our food chain is broken, and never in the history of mankind has there been such a need to get back to basics...plain food, grown in a logical manner and delivered to everyone — rural and urban. In Fair Food, Oran Hesterman makes the case that this move is imperative and sustainable."

Nancy L. Snyderman

MD,NBC News Chief Medical Editor

"[Dr. Oran B. Hesterman] displays a wide-ranging knowledge of production, consumption, natural resources and public policy. He also writes about reform efforts with contagious energy and palpable authority...This is an important, accessible book on a crucial subject. Food for thought and action."

The New York Times

"I have known Oran Hesterman for over 25 years. Oran is an important and thoughtful voice, in Michigan and in Washington, when it comes to discussions of agriculture and food policy."

Senator Debbie Stabenow

Chair, Senate Agriculture Committee

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