Submission Guidelines

While we are interested in receiving book proposals from recognized thought leaders in their respective fields, we also consider proposals from lesser-known individuals who are excellent writers with a singular voice, growing recognition and a well-executed concept. Here is what we need to consider representation of your proposed book:

  • A one to two page summary of the project and the approximate word count.
  • A bio which includes prior books, if any, and your platform. This includes: your social media following (with metrics); press materials (with media links); and, information on your speaking engagements.
  • Links to any website(s), media, lectures or TED or other talks, and videos relevant to your work and platform.
  • How your proposed book compares with similar published titles.
  • A complete book outline with a summary of each chapter.
  • Two sample chapters.
  • All your contact information.
  • Let us know whether or not your proposal has been shown to publishers.

We occasionally represent fiction, in which case we would need a one to two page synopsis as well as the first three chapters. 

We do not represent children’s or young adult novels, plays, screenplays or poetry.

We bring our decades long experience in launching projects, managing media requests, developing book launch strategies, promoting authors through our lecture division, and partnering with you to pursue every potential opportunity for the successful publication and promotion of your book.

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